Full Version: Derrick Gragg named Northwestern AD
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Lol. Anyone can be a highly-paid AD I guess.
(06-04-2021 01:59 PM)holybovine Wrote: [ -> ]Lol. Anyone can be a highly-paid AD I guess.

I can commiserate with the LOL, Gragg did not seem to accomplish much at EMU.

Then again, we will now have THREE of our former AD's leading P5 athletic programs. Gene Smith has presided over the OSU program and has produced fabulous results. Heather at Pitt seems to be doing an adequate job and now Gragg at Northwestern. It should be a point of pride for the school and also an attraction for potential successors to Wetherbee, an attraction we don't enjoy with respect to coaches.

It has been a whole lot of years but the only BOMB of an Athletic Director we had was Diles. The Ann Arbor News sports department folks coined him as "Resume' Dave" as he clearly took the EMU job with an eye on the jobs that Smith, Lyke and now Gragg have secured. Good ole Dave, however, experienced the Peter Principle and decided to make a decent while ordinary life at VMI.

I was not impressed by Gragg, but then again he was left with the ruins that Diles left. I will be rooting for him in Evanston, it will only help EMU.
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