Full Version: WBB Playing in 2021 Cancun Challenge
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Looks like the Rockets are going to try again to get some games in in Mexico according to the latest Rocket Weekly newsletter. Nov 25-27. The Challenge website doesn't list the teams or match-ups, but according to the newsletter this year's field is:

Seton Hall
Idaho State
Arizona State

Really strong field. Games will be tough tests no matter who UT plays. Should be interesting ... assuming no covid cancellations this year.
A nice way to start the season. Fixed schedule? Play-off format?
UT played there before and got 2 pre-scheduled games, as I recall.
sometimes they tier the bracket with the top 4 programs in one tier and the other 4 in another. of course, the hope is for a true 8 team 3 round tourney where the rockets get a shot at some of the bigger names.
(05-18-2021 08:39 PM)northcoastRocket Wrote: [ -> ]UT played there before and got 2 pre-scheduled games, as I recall.

I was at one of those games. I believe UCLA was the opponent. We had a nice contingent and if I remember it was a good game to partake. Venue was small but it’s Cancun so I didn’t care
Schedule announced and the Rockets get Idaho State and Seton Hall.
Looks like you will need to pay for a flohoops subscription to watch.

Those might sound like the "easy" teams, compared to Baylor, Iowa, etc., but...

Idaho State was 22-4 last season. They won their conference, regular season and tourney, and drew a 4th seed Kentucky in the NCAAs, where they lost by 8. (Kentucky lost to Iowa in the 2nd round.) Their top 4 scorers are all international players, and all small players - 1 ea. from Croatia, France, Spain and Australia.

Seton Hall was 14-7 last season, but 2 of those losses were to UConn, so you can forgive those. Lost to Creighton in the Big East Tourney. Their roster looks pretty big overall. They will have former (for a hot minute) Rocket Ariel Cummings on the roster this coming season.

So, these will be good challenges for UT, to see how the revamped roster is coming together.
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