Full Version: Rayvon Griffith open thread
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just gonna drop content featuring or about the kid here when i see it on the timeline. he could reclassify to 2022, but im not sure if he should.

first thing you notice: kid is SHOCKINGLY mature for a 10th grader. i damn sure wasn't that self aware at that age.
(05-14-2021 05:21 PM)blackcattitude Wrote: [ -> ]https://youtu.be/beOVcL2VHNg

in case you are wondering, the host of "Whats In Your Bag" is former Bearcat walk-on Alex Meacham.

Nice job Rayvon
Nice job Meach
I have not watched the entire video segment. If anyone has, are there any particular highlights worth sharing? Did he mention a future interest in the Bearcats?
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