Full Version: Monday May's Musings
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Happy rainy day here in Ypsilanti as always hear are the monthly musings until football season fires back up.
The Coaching Carousel takes one more spin as the Buffalo job is open. Could that attract a lateral move for Creighton? OR will Buffalo be watching the FCS playoffs (Great TV BTW) and choose a coach from that level.
Speaking of the FCS playoffs........ The group of 5 commissioners should be taking notes on what a real 16 team playoff could look like.
EMU baseball is 2 games better then the Tigers Apathy setting in..

Congrats the emu graduates you will get a call in December to donate04-chairshot04-chairshot
I having fun watching the Wizards vs. Pacers on Mad Monday...

Indiana started playing the zone and Drew Gooden explained how to attack it. I know, I know... I was saying to myself.

The Wizards have 82 (eighty two) points at HALF TIME. Westbrook has 14 assists, also at the half. Reminds me of EMU... No, no, no... Just kidding.

With Westbrook and Beal this team can run like greyhounds.

Wow, I just had a flashback to the game where NIU scored 4 (four) points in the first half. 4 points. 82 points.

EDIT: Wiz ended up with 154 points in a 48 minute game. 04-cheers 04-bow
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