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(05-05-2021 08:37 AM)bit_9 Wrote: [ -> ]
(05-05-2021 08:34 AM)ODUDrunkard13 Wrote: [ -> ]I mean, Tulane has been around for a long time but their history is not filled with a lot of success. They’ve only been to the NCAAs in hoops 3 times and their last trip was 1995. In football, they’ve been to 13 bowl games in like 100 years (3 of which happened after they joined the AAC). They had 3 bowl game appearances in the 20 years leading up to joining. They have one conference championship (1998) since 1950.

Ya, the Tulane add was a head scratcher to me but money talks I guess?

They do bring a good market, good facilities, academics, a regional bridge between the Florida and Texas schools, and at the time they joined they showed a commitment to football with building a new stadium.

In fact, they sound a lot like us minus the bad basketball. But I agree that if Ricky turns out to be the right guy for the football program, we become a much better candidate.
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