Full Version: Who are you most excited to see on the football field this year?
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I'm just curious, which players are you all most excited to see play this year? For me, I would say Harrison Waylee because of what he showed last year. I guess you could say I am Waylee excited to watch him play. I am also looking forward to seeing Trey Urwiler play for us too. I doubt we see him play this year as he possibly redshirts, but of our signees, he is probably my favorite with his speed and versatility. Who are you all excited to see play?
I am excited about allot of players next season, but mostly looking forward to the combo of Lombardi & Ritchie being a game changer for success next year. Two veterans that if they connect will be a force.
My Guy: “The Rat”
Our 6-7 year LB crew! #oldmenstrength 02-13-banana02-13-banana02-13-banana
A win would be nice.
Waylee on Offense, Lafayette on Defense . They just both sounds like they’re ready to be star players.
Rudolph and Ratkovich. Richie too. Anyone who’s name starts with R.
Mason Blakemore
Lafayette no doubt.
Rocky, Rudolph, Waylee, and Lafayette for me.
ANY upper classman that has stayed out of the transfer portal searching for greener grass. They have 100% of my support.
(04-26-2021 10:59 AM)Milwaukee Pilot Wrote: [ -> ]ANY upper classman that has stayed out of the transfer portal searching for greener grass. They have 100% of my support.

Agree and perfectly said. Those who stay will be champions...
(04-25-2021 08:17 PM)jjprender Wrote: [ -> ]Our 6-7 year LB crew! #oldmenstrength 02-13-banana02-13-banana02-13-banana

Their freshman year was the year Tom Brady was drafted?
Yes, all of the above! I'm optimistic about the team's development without any concrete proof.

However, I really want to see if Rocky can really move the offense. I've heard about his leadership, but what will be the results on the field.

The second thing is our entire offensive line. It's probably just hope, but this is the first time in a few years I've been encouraged by the unit as a whole based on what I've read and the limited video. I feel like we left spring practice with our starting five and some solid backups.

And, I guess, tied to the items above, I'm excited to see Waylee break some runs. When is the last time we saw that? Jordan Huff maybe?

Finally, it appears we have some legitimate receivers, and not just one but several that could open up the defense.

I can't wait until fall camp and then September 4!
Great year if Oline solidifies. Rocky can be the man and if Ratkobich is as good as advertised
It feels great to be excited for Huskie football again. I think we have some great seasons ahead of us.
Lombardi and Waylee for me.

If both play as well as we hope they can this can be a real good team real quick.
Waylee is a given. He will break many long runs. He will lead MAC in rushing
I'm going to go another way with this since offense gets so much of the praise and recognition. I am excited to see if there is improvement on defense. Particularly with defensive line pass rush and disrupting plays and with the defense overall generating more turnovers. This will greatly help the team succeed where they did not last season.
Old fart here, graduated in 1975, so I am old school and looking for three things. 1) I want to see if the O line can give our QB time to make his reads, protect long enough to allow longer passing routes to develop and can they open holes for our backs. 2) I want to see if the D line has the ability to rush the passer without the need to blitz and to stop the opposition's running game. 3) Is Rocky Lombardi the real deal (he did not have good stats at Michigan State), if not, do we have another game ready option?

Hammock is a likeable guy with plenty of experience and I would love for him to succeed. That said NIU's athletic dept. operates on a very low budget ... does he have the resources needed to hire good offensive and defensive coordinators and position coaches and is his current staff up to the job? They did not impress last year but they were working with a young group of guys and the lack of Spring practices hurt us more than teams that had a better mix of upper and under classmen.

I am very much looking forward to the coming season and although I live in Central Ohio I will make every effort to attend some games in DeKalb.
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