Full Version: Another transfer goes elsewhere
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Desi Sills goes to Auburn. Never thought we had a chance to get him. Not sure I would want him anyway. I thought ASU had a small shot, since he is from Jonesboro, but I really believed he had too big an ego to drop down the a Sun Belt school.
I guess the only positive of this move is that it will piss hog fans off. Ethan Henderson goes to Texas A & M. Obviously these kids want a chance to stick it to the hogs. I'm sure they could have gone to the Big 12, AAC, etc. if they chose to.
I guess most of these kids will always believe they are headed to the NBA. When they don't get sufficient playing time at UAF (or any other big-time school) they will blame the coach, not their own talent level. I guess Darious Hall and Javon Franklin, saw the light, as they transferred to UCA and USA, respectively.
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