Full Version: Assistant Coaches let go by UCF
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There is an article on ucfsports.com about this. I am too cheap to buy a membership to read, but I am sure it will sprout on ucffuture, ucfathletics, and the sentinel in the next day or so.

Orsini wastes no time. Looks like the wheels are spinning faster and faster, but there is no sign of a new coach. I am more and more anxious to see more of who he has on his list besides the 2 or 3 mentioned (mostly O'Leary and Chizik). Anyone have any inside news? Looks like there are alot of firings around the nation as well. There are plenty of free coaches and assistants.
great...ucfsports.com says they are fired, and orlandosentinel says they were given the go-ahead to look for recruits at juco's and high schools.
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