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CollegeAD reports that Chicago State has entered into a 5 year broadcasting rights agreement with FloSports.. starting next fall. This will bring in a larger audience for Chicago State, and provide a source of revenue as well. Another solid move by the department!

There’s some other interesting tidbits in the article as well. :)
Since it’s behind a paywall, I doubt too many have seen the additional nuggets in the article. The additional details are:

Coverage again starts next fall and continues through April 2026. With this agreement, Chicago State will look to add football beginning the fall of 2022 as a non-scholarship team like the Pioneer League schools.

FloSports has the right to broadcast all of the Cougars events.

Deal also includes a Windy City Classic/Invitational across all of their sports with FloSports having the broadcasting rights. Could be a multi-team event or just a classic event— which I’m assuming is another Chicago team matchup.

I know many never cared about CSU while they were in the conference.. let alone when they’re one foot out the door. But wanted to share this as it’s another great step in the right direction.
Thanks for letting us know JA. As usual you keep us up on CSU news.

"I know many never cared about CSU while they were in the conference.. let alone when they’re one foot out the door."

A bunch of phonies will all come on say how they wish you well etc (even though they don't really give, or know a crap about CSU), but Chicago was the single lynchpin that saved the WAC. Yes a conference home was desirable for you, but anyone who was around then knows that your Admins could have just as easily said no thanks to the far flung WAC and NONE of would have had a home. And it wouldn't be here today for them to join and demand you be expelled from.

As much cursing CSU people did, you paid the high cost of travel more than any of the others and that no doubt affected your budget in a major way.

No doubt your new program will bring a lot of students, attention, and hopefully money to campus! You'll have lots of avenues to get some local competition as well.

This WAC fan knows how critical CSU membership was too all of us. Thanks for saving the conference. Sorry some have no loyalty to you after all you did for us...Smh.
Todor- Thank you. I appreciate your comment. You and a handful of others have always been supportive of Chicago State. I’m thankful the WAC gave CSU the opportunity, and CSU was able to do their part as a member in keeping the WAC alive in numbers for as long as they have. I’ll be a fan of the conference, and continuing rooting for the WAC schools moving forward. Hopefully I’ll make another trip out to Vegas to watch the tournament in their final year.

Travel definitely took a big chunk of the athletic budget so we’ll see if they can help use that cost savings into a means of investment in their programs, and make their bid of joining a regional conference more appealing. Also, you’re absolutely right that football could bring a much needed jolt to the school and south side community. Plenty of bus ride schools they could play— including 4-5 in the Pioneer League.

It’ll honestly be sad to leave the WAC since I’ve grown to watch and root for the member schools.. but am really looking forward to the future of Cougar athletics.
This is great news. Thanks for the info. Football, huh? Pretty ambitious, but I like it. I hope you get out to Vegas next year, I hope I am there as well. Would love to buy you a beer.
I was wondering if someone else would notice that. I think it will be a success for them.

Short trips to 6 Pioneer members, other in state game possibilities, possible pay games. Its a good move.
The big thing with Chicago State and non-scholarship football is that the institution can essentially add 80-120 young men who are paying money to go to school. It's an enrollment boost for a school that needs it and probably galvanizes alumni, community interest in the sport, the institution as a whole.

We'll see if this pans out or not, but will be a very curious add and something to follow.

Has there been more coverage of Chicago State adding football beyond CollegeAD?
Pojaque- Yeah, wasn’t something I was expecting to read after they turned the idea down when Dildy brought it up. Granted, they were just coming out of a financial nightmare with the State of Illinois— so that could’ve played into it. I like Elliott Charles, and what he and his admin have been doing this far. Seems to be an astute numbers guy so if he thinks it can be successful for the department then I’m all for it. Also— I’m all for that beer!

Todor- Spot on. A lot of options nearby, and PL has several conference members within a reasonable distance.

TT- That’s how I was viewing it as well. Let’s just say to go north of 100 players.. plus I’d have to think they’d increase their marching band size. Then another means of enhancing enrollment is by expanding the cheerleading size and adding a dance team.

The only news I’ve seen about it is from College AD.. but Charles did comment shortly after the College AD report came out indicating a “partnership” and “big news coming soon.” It’s a lot of specific details.. so I have to believe there’s some truth to it.

Oh wow, one of the new "powers that be" has fans coming down to the CSU area to wish you well. They'll probably have a total change of heart and want you to stay now....smh.

I'm anxious for more info about it, time frames etc
Just a random update on this.

I’d anticipate an announcement by Chicago State no later than the new fiscal year— so July 1st or earlier. The article originally listed potential revenue of $750k, then later was removed. My understanding of the contract is it’ll be more incentive based. CSU will get a base amount each year, and could receive a “bonus” if they reach a certain number of viewers for their events. So the $750k would be near the top of the potential earnings amount during the 5-year period if the Cougars were to reach the target.

Finally, the big part referenced in the article was on football. And from what I understand, the context it was referenced in is in the base amount of revenue Chicago State would receive. Basically, the base amount increases effective the year Chicago State has home football games aired on FloSports — which in the yearly breakdown was in 2022-23. No additional specifics on it— just referencing that FloSports would have those rights as well.

So hopefully this will be something clarified further when CSU makes their formal announcement. Regardless if it happens, the fact the Cougars were able to secure a media rights agreement providing additional income is another great step in the right direction by the athletic department. They have an online auction going on now, established the Cougar Pride Fund, and are building a solid group of administrators to help elevate the department. This in turn should enable the department to invest more into their programs, which is much needed.
Thanks for the update.
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