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Actually the only film they will have is the semis and finals from cbssports. Nothing from flo will be available, though who know what teams invest in for film. I hope we see a lot of 2-3 zone from us, to help mitigate Cockburn and their overall quickness. That way any time they feed him down low we can give help defense in the zone and double him from both sides (sort of like what we had to do against Cacok in years past). I think that defensive strategy would give us our best shot. I think if we play them straight up, our foot speed is far too slow. We are good at defending the 3 ball so allowing them 3's from the zone is something I think we should be ok with. Their shooters are around 38% 3 point shooters. So I think playing zone and taking care of the ball on offense will allow us to be competitive. If we turn the ball over, it will be over quickly
A modified 1-3-1 zone that georgia tech plays may be worth tryin gout in practice too since that tries to cut out the post while eliminating ball handoffs ie some pick and roll action that Illinois will kill us with
We also have to get into the bonus quickly, we are a good FT shooting team.
(03-16-2021 02:52 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]We also have to get into the bonus quickly, we are a good FT shooting team.

Consequentially, they are not. But not sure how many bodies we can foul out to give us a chance lol
Just Cockburn haha
I am less worried about Cockburn than I am Dosunmu. Cockburn will get his. He will shoot over us even if we double. The real threat is how do we stop Dosunmu from getting to the basket and blowing by our defenders off screens? We are slow footed, we are better this year than the past, but still not great at moving our feet quickly. He is quick and thrives off that stuff.
We're less than 48 hours away from the start of the tournament and none of the 68 teams opted out. So the alternate teams, including Hofstra and Elon can not end their season.
https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket...ment-guide is by Joe Lunardi and says:

"No. 16, Midwest, Drexel Dragons

Drexel earned its fifth NCAA tournament appearance by winning its first CAA tourney title since joining the conference in 2001-02. It's the Dragons' first appearance since Malik Rose led them to three in a row (1994-95-96). In the CAA tournament, the sixth-seeded Dragons used 3-point shooting, going 29-of-51 (.569) from long range after shooting 37.2% during the season (37th in Division I).


The Dragons are dependent on scoring from long range. In their seven losses, they shot 37-of-145 (.256) from beyond the arc, never shooting above 37.5%. In their 12 wins, they were 101-of-226 (.447) with only four games below 40%. Against a stronger defensive team than they are used to seeing, they'll have trouble connecting at a high rate.

-- David Smale

By the numbers

Eye test rank: 60
Résumé rating: 62
NCAA seed list: 63

Joey Brackets says...

Drexel is 1-4 all time in the NCAA tournament, with its only win coming as a No. 12 seed over Memphis in 1996. A No. 16 seed has upset a No. 1 seed only once -- thank you, UMBC! -- since the field expanded to 64 teams in 1985 (140 games), most recently in 2016. It's not happening here against Illinois.

Final field rank: 61"

You shoot threes great, but your percentage of field goal attempts that are threes is lower than the CAA average, which makes you rank seventh in threes made per game. Butler and Bickerstaff combine to average 23.6 points with only 7.9 percent of their attempts being threes.
Anyone doing a Drexel Bracket?
I've heard the advice that you always make a bracket where your team goes all the way, just in case 03-cool
I meant Basketball pool via Espn etc
Radio Coverage for today's game...
Not sure who will be listening but it will be nice to get the Drexel Dragons on the radio today. I do plan to listen to the 1 hour pregame show hosted by Sean Brace & Jon Jansen. Rob Brooks will provide the play by play.

Radio stations are...
102.5 FM in Reading
1480 AM in Philadelphia
104.1 FM in Trenton
(03-18-2021 11:48 PM)Dragon For Life Wrote: [ -> ]I meant Basketball pool via Espn etc

DFL, I'm doing ESPN brackets. Feel free to set up a group and I'll join.
i'm dumb enough to think we can win. i was wearing a lehigh shirt in the upper deck at greensboro coliseum when they beat duke. different circumstances with mccollum being involved...i get it. nobody saw that coming at the time though. it will take that type of breakout game from somebody and honestly i think xavier bell or bickerstaff might have something like that in them. i don't think we've seen their best.

cam can't try to do too much. he has to trust his teammates and give them a chance to have that type of game.

i at least hope we don't hand them the game with 20 turnovers and shooting 25%. we're billed as a 3 point shooting team which i honestly don't think we are. it helps...but our best basketball was early in the season when we were passing the ball really well and getting to the rim. that was quinnipiac and fdu and this is illinois. the capability to go inside/out is there for us.
There is already a fans of drexel group and a csnbbs caa group fyi

Also its game day! gold jerseys today, lets go!
(03-19-2021 07:55 AM)dan10 Wrote: [ -> ]There is already a fans of drexel group and a csnbbs caa group fyi

Also its game day! gold jerseys today, lets go!

Do you have the link?
I'm listening to a really lame Drexel pregame show on Fox Sports 1480, The Gambler (never heard of it before), with these two Drexel alumni who graduated in 2010 and 2013 from Drexel. Neither has any idea what they're talking about, but they're pretending that they're experts.
Doing a pretty good job defensively. Just been really hard to do anything against Illinois' defense.
Can't make easy jump shots! They are too big for layups so we are settling for jumpshots that aren't falling. Hopefully they can rebound at halftime. I think most of our players will be back next year.
Why did we abandon the 3 pt game??
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