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As we have nothing else to do before Selection Sunday... It will be interesting to see the "seed" Drexel will get. Currently Drexel is Projected as a 15 seed.

Here are the Teams we should root to lose: Am I missing anyone?

Southern Utah and/or Weber St


Monmouth and Siena- Both lost.


Coppin State


Grand Canyon
i will just throw out there that i think we have the potential to win games. yeah...everybody has the potential to do it...i get it. we're playing to right way to do it though. we probably don't want to get into a track meet so we'll have to slow it down like we did last night. we can do that because we're executing in the half court and hitting threes. we're also playing defense. those are the things you have to do this time of year.
Is Coppin State projected to get a higher seed than us? It seems like it would be good for us if they won, so we could say we beat a tournament team - quite handily at that.
I think its a stretch to have enough teams lose to bump us to a 14. I think we are sitting at the worst or 2nd worst 15. I will look up some NETs later. Its going to be a massive uphill battle. Taking care of the ball will be paramount. A top 10 team in the country will make you pay for not taking care of the ball. Cam wont be able to force passes or try to dribble through the defense. If we go on some of our stagnant offense for awhile, it could really bury this team, where CAA teams may not have taken advantage.

The team I really dont want to draw is Iowa. Garza will absolutely murder us. If we try to defend him we will have several guys foul out. Our interior defense is not nearly good enough to compete with a player like that. Houston is a good team, but we wont be able to surprise them since we just recently beat them. Alabama is damn good, but I think they are a team that will be prone to an early round upset. They are a program without a lot of success in the tournament recently and have players whose minds very easily could be on the NBA. Get to them early and they could be goners. Ohio State is athletically gifted that would give us fits at every position. We would have to really slow the game down and clamp down on defense with the length we do have to stay competitive.
Long post but lists where we stand currently that we can update the rest of the week. This can be used to help predict seed and matchups. Listing NET rankings here since those are the main ones used

Sun Belt: App State- 209
MEAC- Morgan St (197), Norfolk St (199), Coppin St (262)
SWAC- PVAM (194)
Horizon- Cleveland State- 162
NEC- Mt St Marys- 161
Summit- Oral Roberts- 158
MAAC- Iona (144), St Peters (185)
WAC- Grand Canyon (136), NMSU (183)
CAA- Drexel- 137 (0 Q1 wins)
OVC- Morehead- 122 (0 Q1 wins)

America East- Vermont (116) and UMBC (138)
Big Sky- Weber (102), Southern Utah (119), EWU (121)
Southland- Abilene (83), SFA (147), SHSU (156)
Big West- UCSB (56), Riverside (100), Irvine (105), CS Bakersfield (149)
Patriot- Colgate (7), Loyola-MD (163)

OVC, Big Sky and Big West are likely ahead of us regardless. Chaos in the big west would be nice too. But based on the above, there are clearly 6 conferences behind us. 6 are 16s. So that puts us into 15 range with the MAAC, WAC and probably Big Sky. We want to root against Abilene Christian, Vermont, Colgate. To improve our chances of grabbing a 14 seed we also want to root against Grand Canyon and Iona

So as a 15 currently that means we are looking at a 2 seed (top 2 seed currently) and by NET that is:

Iowa (5)
Alabama (7)
Ohio State (9)
Houston (6)

If we have 4 more upsets that push us into the bottom of the 14 seed we are approximately looking at:

Arkansas (15)
West Virginia (23)
Kansas (13)
Villanova (12)

My opinion-
Most favorable: Houston, Alabama, Arkansas
Least desirable: Iowa, Ohio State, West Virginia
Based on the teams we are behind in ratings etc. I think the 3 most likely opponents are Ohio State, Alabama or Houston
Not that it affects us, but Duke definitely will be out since they just withdrew from the ACC tourney due to COVID-related issues.

Who would have guessed a tourney where DU is in and Duke is out?
I think it's safe to say, no matter who we get, our chances of pulling an upset will hinge on 3-point shooting. It seems more than likely that we will not win the turnover battle, and while JB is a great rebounder, I'm not sure we'll be able to pull off a positive rebounding margin against teams that have the clear physical advantage. But our perimeter defense has been very good, and our shooting has been red hot. If we can keep those things going and win the 3-point battle, we'll have a shot to keep it close.

I also want no part of Garza. He is a gamebreaker. Normal basketball wisdom will go out the window.
A team like WVU who forces a lot of turnovers with on ball pressure is bad for us too. I agree if we cool off from shooting we are in a world of trouble. Get open 3s, hit them and be smart with the ball and value it and we can give ourselves a chance. Anything short of that is not likely to end well
I would like a Texas match vs Shaka Smart
"Revenge" if Drexel beats them no matter who we play and what seed it will be tough game/underdog.
Without a doubt. We had such little luck against him revenge sounds great, but also not likely. The game will be about the experience not necessarily the result. An upset would be glorious of course, but a great showing is what we want to see. Share Drexel basketball with the world and recruits.
With WVU and Villanova losing today, I think WVU holds onto a bottom 3 seed and Nova drops to a 4, so both of those teams should fall out of contention to be our opponent. It would raise Texas into a 4 seed but probably still out of reach

Nothing crazy happening in the Big Sky or Big West to help us
North Carolina A&T, who is the 1 seed in the MEAC Tournament, will not be able to participate in their tournament due to a positive Covid test. I don't care that it happened to Duke. But it's really upsetting to hear it happen to a mid-major program like this, especially when they were the best team in their conference.

It really makes you think how scary this is and how it CAN happen to anyone at any time. The entire Drexel program really needs to be proud of themselves for making it though the whole regular season and tournament safely.
The good news is also that we have a full week before the deadline to participate as well. So as long as they stay dedicated since winning, there should be little concern.
Weber lost today
i just need to say how excited i am to see that this discussion exists.

i'll take villanova in the first round. we're the kings of philadelphia.

it'll be fun to see us on tv sunday. it's a shame we can't get together....but it's happening and that's all that matters.
We are ahead of the America East (I totally didnt realize both UMBC and Vermont lost in the semis) so that means 7 behind us so we still need 3 others to fall our way to jump to 14

Weber losing was a good one. We still need to be fans of the Montana schools tonight. Southern Utah is likely ahead of us, Eastern Washington may be too. Those 2 games will be of interest tonight.

We will be Niagara fans tonight over Iona

We will also be cheering for Seattle tonight over Grand Canyon

Lamar upset Sam Houston last night and we will be pulling for them tonight over Abilene

On Sunday we will be Loyola (MD) fans to upset Colgate
Don't forget the committee doesn't just go by ranking they have other "factors". Some of these schools are really small and we do have a Philly bias compared to Grand Canyon or Abilene.
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