Full Version: 2021 Paradise Jam
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7.5 point underdogs.
Holy S*it.
So, pretty good first half lol
Not too bad :)
20 point lead with 16min to go.

CSU on like a 24-6 run right now. :(
This is hard to watch
Great effort this weekend. The missing guys killed us from a depth/fatigue/foul trouble perspective. Even still, we had a few chances to stop the momentum but couldn’t get a shot to fall when we got an open look or a stop on the other end. That’s one of the best teams we will see this year.

I hope we take the positives and don’t dwell on the blown lead. I know 2 years ago we had a blown lead issue but I think this team is mentally strong enough to not let that become a thing
If it was a back and forth game and lost it I would feel a whole lot better. Instead we blew the lead, but I fully anticipated CSU would make a run and get back in this game.

But you’re right, we ran out of gas and not having Stucke and McClintock hurt.

Let’s hope To and TSG get back in early December, if not before.

Great tourney for NU despite the bad start to the season.
Couldn't agree more. The team is starting to come together. The first half against a really good team is what we are capable of. Three games in four days with a short bench was too much to ask.
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