Full Version: Semi OT: So what's in a football feasibility study, anyway?
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Matt Brown of Extra Points published a story today entitled, "So what's in a football feasibility study, anyway?"

With UTRGV having completed and presumably updating their football feasibility study, plus the possibilities of other institutions in the region doing football feasibility studies - thought this was worth sharing here on the WAC board.

Quote:You know what isn’t free? Starting a college football team.
In fact, it’s really expensive! It also takes a long time, and like anything else involved with higher education, it requires an ungodly amount of paperwork.

One of the first bits of paperwork in that process, or at least, one of the first bits of paperwork that anybody outside the university hears about? The feasibility study.

If your favorite program hasn’t started the process around a feasibility study, chances are, they aren’t particularly serious about starting that program.

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