Full Version: Match Day! ODU vs. GMU Volleyball
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My wife said I can watch with my blinders on today 03-lmfao.

2:00pm watch for free. https://odusports.com/watch/?Live=31&type=Live
25-10 win in the first set!
25-21 second set victory.
(01-22-2021 02:28 PM)ODUCoach Wrote: [ -> ]25-10 win in the first set!

25-21 ODU wins the second set an leads Match 2-0
Nice little crowd for the Match! This is a NICE facility
This is impressive, GMU has had Volleyball for a long time.
I am not a fan of Rally points. Side out and earn your points in my opinion.
25-21 in the third! First Monarchs victory!
ODU Wins Match 3-0 NICE!!!! Wins final game 25-21
Congrats, Ladies, on winning your first ever match for ODU! GO MONARCHS!
That was fun to watch. Congrats on the win, ladies!
Damn. Meant to tune in but spaced it.

Congrats Ladies!
Yeah tried to get home to watch, haven't a tough time getting the replay.
3 Straight sets, damn. Good job ladies and that is a great way to start VB at ODU. Great job by Fred Chao on getting the kids ready for this.
(01-22-2021 03:03 PM)BigBlueMonarch Wrote: [ -> ]I am not a fan of Rally points. Side out and earn your points in my opinion.

USA Volleyball went to rally scoring in 1999, the rest of the country soon thereafter. It's been almost 20 years since this has been the norm. Pretty much every single one of these players have only ever played under the current ruleset.

Just isn't how the game is played anymore. I've also read studies that show where rally point scoring has improved viewership and actually shortened lengths of contests. While you're going to more points, every sequence ends in a score. I was where you were initially, having scored and announced volleyball back in the sideout era. After watching it in the Olympics in 2012 in London, that pretty much changed my mind seeing how long rallies from defensive teams actually got rewarded with a point. All that work and no reward to create offense from defense seems to me like they're earning the points.
a 5 set nailbiter vs Delaware State, ODU won 3-2
VBall on pause due to a positive Covid test. Next two games postponed.
Volleyball got another win today, 3-1, over FAU. They now sit at 6-4 overall, 4-2 in the conference. Honestly, I'm quite impressed with what Chao is doing with such a young roster (1 Grad student, 2 jrs, 1 soph, and 10 freshmen)
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