Full Version: NU-BC series ppd
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The series between #13 Northeastern and #3 Boston College will not be played this weekend after a positive COVID-19 test result within Northeastern's non-player or coach Tier 1 personnel.

Basically, this is tied to HC Jim Madigan missing Wednesday's and this weekend's games due to close contact with a non-player.
This has been a crazy season. You look forward to games and at the last minute.....tyey're cancelled. When I got uo the morning was to check if the Charleston game was still on.
I was SO looking forward to last night's game.

I turned on NESN right at 7 and saw they had the Bruins open (when they clearly played the Devils the night before) and I knew right away something was up. I then checked the NU website and saw the news.

Frustrating, but nothing you can do.
NU will get back on the ice next Tuesday (Feb. 2nd) when the 14th ranked Huskies host #1 BC at Matthews, barring any unforeseen circumstances...

The game will be on NESN at 7 pm.

Meanwhile, a rise in COVID tests at Boston U. has caused both hockey and basketball programs to shut down through January.
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