Full Version: OFFICIAL: Chicago State to Leave WAC
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Chicago– Chicago State University (CSU) announced today it will leave the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) in June 2022. CSU joined the WAC in 2013 as a part of a six-university expansion, which included the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). The WAC's original expansion plan was to develop a Midwest division with Chicago State and UMKC as the anchors. UMKC left the conference in July 2020. Over time, the WAC has added members located in south and western regions of the country.

Consistent with these plans, the WAC announced today five new members located in Texas and Utah (Abilene Christian, Lamar, Sam Houston State, Austin State and Southern Utah).

Chicago State Director of Athletics Elliott Charles said, "Chicago State University is thankful for our partnership with the WAC and its member institutions. Our programs and department have grown and expanded during this time. Looking ahead, Chicago State Athletics will continue its student first approach in our Division I program as we plan for our future."

Chicago State
It was a good run.. perhaps not W/L but at least having a home.
Hoping CSU lands on its feet and prospers.
Any hints what they are going to do?
(02-03-2021 01:11 PM)Stugray2 Wrote: [ -> ]Any hints what they are going to do?

Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe the Summit?
Looks like the OVC may be an option.
(04-29-2021 03:17 PM)MICHAELSPAPPY Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-03-2021 01:11 PM)Stugray2 Wrote: [ -> ]Any hints what they are going to do?

Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Maybe the Summit?

Summit (then Mid-Continent) kicked us out in '06. The team was fairly competitive then and made a Mid-Continent final and the year before ended an 11-game UMKC winning streak on a crazy finish.

The hope is to wait out for a league that gets raided and needs a full D1 member to tread above the AQ minimum. MEAC, Southland, and perhaps OVC are the only possibilities for that scenario.
If anyone hears anything, please keep us informed.
Latest. Matt Brown confirmed that Chicago State would love into the MEAC but well, not reciprocated

Quote: There is one school that is very interested in joining the league, according to a source with knowledge on all three programs. Chicago State is reportedly willing to join the MEAC. CSU is a predominantly black university.

CSU, according to this source, is agreeable to a deal that would make it a full MEAC member for three years. After that time is up, it can either stay on as a full member or move to another conference.

Thanks for sharing.
I saw Matt Brown mention a similar thing about 3 weeks ago. Basically reporting CSU is working the phones hard to find a home.

Competitively, the MEAC would be a great fit as CSU begins building with their new administration.. and I like the idea of the short term agreement. Would be favorable on both sides .. allowing the MEAC to eventually build closer in their footprint and CSU to gain some confidence with more regional conferences.

It’s not like it’s hard to get to Chicago State either.. so we’ll see if the MEAC takes it. Brown has went on to mention that Neither Kentucky State nor Virginia State will likely join but I realignment is a fluid discussion.
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