Full Version: Ghosts Of Legion Field
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Good evening, Vols Nation. Greetings from Birmingham, AL., home of the UAB Blazers. There is an ongoing discussion with Birmingham football fans about the future of Legion Field Stadium, currently resided in by UAB, on Facebook. The question of some of our most vivid memories of past experiences there was brought up. I'm reaching out here to see if I could dialogue with any UT fans who happened to be at Legion Field when Tennessee beat the Crimson Tide there, and jubilant fans tried to jump that fence and celebrate on the field with their team, only to be met with very hostile resistance from law enforcement that day/evening. I can't recall the year this occurred and I only saw brief moments of the incidents that ensued on news video several years ago. Was anyone that frequents this site there for that game and the bedlam that took place afterwards? I appreciate your indulgence...
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