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ODU needs to slap the taste out of b&m’ s mouth. Hopefully, our squad remembers the game in Williamsburg last year. My crew surely does - it was a long ride home.
I used to be relaxed about playing W&M. But this game has become very stressful over the last several years. In fact, I’ll probably be stressing every game this season. I don’t need the stress. I need a nice comfortable double digit win from tip to final buzzer. Please, ODU, for my health.
Saturday 7:00 at the Ted: William & Mary. ODUsports.com stream

Stats (19-20): 71.5 pts (vs 69.0); .464 FG (.346 3s); .744 FT; +4.2 B; A/TO= 1.09

Returning starters
G Luke Loewe (6-4 185 Sr). 31.0 min.; .595 FG (43-98 3s); .722 FT; 2.1 RB; 10.7 pts (32 starts)

Returning contributors
F Quinn Blair (6-7 225 Jr). 15.7 min.; .466 FG (15-50 3s); .789 FT; 2.1 RB; 4.8 pts
G Miguel Ayesa (6-5 200 So). 14.9 min.; .397 FG (41-110 3s); .000 FT; 0.9 RB; 4.6 pts
G Rainers Hermanovskis (6-4 200 So). 11.8 min.; .394 FG (7-22 3s); .571 FT; 1.3 RB: 1.2 pts
F Mehkel Harvey (6-9 225 Jr). 3.8 min.; .500 FG; .400 FT; 1.3 RB; 1.2 pts (10 games)
G Miodrag Dronjak (6-3 195 Sr). 3.0 min.; .500 FG (1-3 3s); 1.7 pts (3 games)
G Austin Washburn (6-4 175 Jr). 4.0 min.; .286 FG (1-5 3s); .500 FT; 1.5 pts (4 games)

F Kurt Samuels (6-5 230.
G Jake Milkereit (6-5 200).
G Yuri Covington (6-1 190).
G Connor Kochera (6-5 200).
F Ben Wight (6-9 205 red shirt).

The Tribe is a team undergoing a total rebuild, losing 69.3% of their scoring from last season. They will likely have to go small with Blair + 4 guards for long stretches. Loewe was on the CAA all-defensive team and a pre-season all-CAA honorable mention. Ayers is a major outside threat…110/121 FG attempts were from three and he never attempted a FT. Hermanovski took 22/33 FG attempts from 3.
Let's beat down b&m to prove to EVMS that we're the worthy suitor!

[Image: 220px-Waste_Management_logo.svg.png]
We’re favored by 12.5. I would be satisfied with a +10 point win. To be frank - if I were a betting - I would take b&m and the points. I don’t think ODU will cover.
Since I cannot be there in person (dammit), I’ll be looking forward to the Ted and Dave show tonight.

Today’s dress may not be the prettiest, but it better be in the bag by 9:00 p.m. Go Monarchs!
If any of you are able to attend tonight, please share your experience. I hope that you are able to provide at least somewhat of a positive atmosphere for the team. They need every advantage they can gain right now.
Wow, no matter what, odu sports is back. Let's hope it never stops again. Winning the game would be the cherry on the top.
13.5 point line. The books have some confidence in us. Wow
Any streaming options for this game?
(11-28-2020 01:00 PM)Petey Hodge Wrote: [ -> ]Any streaming options for this game?

ODU sports I thought.

(11-28-2020 02:07 PM)Grommet Wrote: [ -> ]
Just saw it pop up in my fb feed.

anyone having video trouble?
Ugly start, trying to do way too much
(11-28-2020 07:03 PM)VB Monarch Wrote: [ -> ]anyone having video trouble?

Just turnover trouble
lots of buffering
Putrid offense. What’s new?
They went from shooting too many 3s to shooting none and resembling an offense from 1956
So far so meh.
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