Full Version: Question about recruiting
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Monyyong and Besovic are both seniors. I am not sure where the situation will end up regarding players automatically getting an extra year of eligibility, or if any of our players will use it if it is available. But, assuming both those guys move on, that leaves us with our Big Men being Maric (6-10), Toumi (6-9) and Bankston (6-8). Of the three, Maric and Toumi are foreign players who tend to be more facing-the-basket types who do not really like banging down low. We lost Johnson, who was our best offensive rebounder, and presumably will lose Coupet, who is a pretty good rebounder, but plays more on the perimeter. Both our recruits so far are perimeter players. I realize we still have the late signing period, but right now I am wondering where our rebounding is going to come from next season.

One thing we might have going for us is that none of our guys are likely to go NBA, and the situation regarding professional teams overseas is very much up in the air because of Covid, so they might decide just to stick around. But if they do, what happens to the two players we have already signed?
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