Full Version: ****W11-FINAL: FAU 38 @ FIU 19****
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Opening line FAU -9.5
FAU and the under
The game will end 7-0 FAU.

That is, of course, if the game even happens. I'll have to see it to believe it.
goliath Im optimistic. 20-0 With a rushing TD, a pick 6, and two field goals.
I hope this game is played, I'd like to see FIU get some games under their belt.

24-3 FAU, with three defensive TD's!
(11-12-2020 11:43 AM)voss749 Wrote: [ -> ]goliath Im optimistic. 20-0 With a rushing TD, a pick 6, and two field goals.

My problem with our offense is that we have not yet developed any consistency. yes, you can point to a half way effective performance against UTSA. But I do not know whether it was an outlier or a true measure of where we can be offensively.

It is very possible, that the 10-6 struggle we witnessed against WKU was a function of horrible weather. But the weather may still be a factor tomorrow and we are still not set at the most important position on the field. Two weeks ago I thought the QB position was set in stone. I no longer think it is.
Bump for tonight
Throw records out the window, this one could be a good one.
Is Tronti hurt?
TD Owls. 7-0
(11-13-2020 07:03 PM)THUNDERStruck73 Wrote: [ -> ]Is Tronti hurt?

I don't know for sure but it looks like Taggart figured that since he was totally ineffective against WKU, he chose to give a nod to Posey.
FAU's defense is dominating. FIU's defense is trying its darnedest...
Rivas FG 43. FAU 10-0. FAU is moving the ball well but is struggling deep in FIU's end.
Both schools are known for their co-eds... There is quite a bit of talent in the stands :)
Wow. FIU just reeled off a long one! FAU 10-7... FAU's no-TD streak ends at 10 quarters.
That was a helluva run.
Two teams kicking the crap out of each other... I'd expect no less from two teams that hate each other. 05-stirthepot 04-cheers

Fun game to watch so far.
Oopsie... He doesn’t have the Rona, he has a case of fumbleitis.
And now a possible targeting call. Gotta love a rivalry game!
Posey fumbles the ball... FIU gets the ball in FAU's end. The game turned around on two plays.
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