Full Version: HTC podcast- What to expect on the road opener with Ga State
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Hoist the Colours podcast

Previewing the ECU-Georgia State game
I can confirm I didn't expect ZERO offensive touchdowns. And I didn't expect 3 TDS to come from everyone but the offense. There has to be some 'splainin' going on.
It was bad...ugly. I won't be watching this coming weekend since it is basically pay per view. If we lose to USF, we go Ofer for the season, and I expect that to happen.
Our line play was pathetic. Holton was running for his life. Our O-line is not good enough for this type of offense. I feel like they need to abandon this idea of establishing the run game and go to more of a spread offense. That’s where our team seems to have the most success. This is so frustrating. I thought we were closer to the end of this, but instead of taking a step forward it seems like we’ve taken a step backwards. It’s going to take longer then previously expected to turn this mess around.
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