Full Version: Western Carolina to play UNC and Liberty
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odds that this game now becomes postponed/cancelled because Dukeman posted it?
(09-29-2020 12:58 PM)JMad03 Wrote: [ -> ]OT

You are right! I would move it, but can't figure out how to do so. 03-lmfao
(09-29-2020 02:22 PM)Deez Nuts Wrote: [ -> ]Moved.

Show off! 04-chairshot
Now I see it.

Bottom right. 04-bow
I can hear the dialogue in the Dukeman kitchen now....

Dukeman: Wow, they moved my post!

Mrs. Dukeman: Who moved your post?

Dukeman: Deez Nuts.

Mrs. Dukeman: Sounds like an anatomical impossibility and get out of my kitchen if you are going to use that kind of language!
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