Full Version: Sports investing
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Couple new things for the investors in sports outcomes.

1) 5dimes has closed today, but betanysports.eu opened up with the exact same software, lines, setups, etc. Not sure what is the purpose of the change. Apparently the prior owner of 5dimes was murdered a couple years ago.

2) WV opened sports books in their casinos a couple years ago. For some reason about 9 months ago that went up to around 15% percent juice versus the normal 10% juice they offered the first year they were open.

3) DC recently opened sports wagering earlier this year - they too are offering wagers at around 18% juice.

WV and DC will never get the traditional sports investors with that high a vig. Charging 18% for football wagers, when you can get 10% anywhere in Vegas, AC, or DE, and 5% offshore.
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