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Louisiana looks legit. Currently up 24-14 in the 4th on 23rd ranked Iowa St.

Rice game now showing as postponed on the UAB site.
I was just getting on here to say the same thing.
Cajuns also with 2 missed FG, so it could be worse
UAB 15.5 underdog at Miami (lost by 17)

USA 8 point underdog vs. Tulane (USA lost by 3)
UTSA 9 point underdog at Texas State (UTSA won by 3 in double OT)
WKY 11.5 point underdog at Louisville (WKY lost by 14)
Louisiana 13 point underdog at #23 Iowa State (ULaLa won by 17)
UTEP 44 point underdog at #14 Texas (UTEP lost by 56)
Louisiana wins 31-14
(09-12-2020 02:15 PM)BlazerMatt Wrote: [ -> ]Louisiana wins 31-14

Great all around game by Louisiana. Cajuns with 2 penalties, 0 turnovers.

Arkansas State beats K State 35-31. Red Wolves with 4 penalties, 2 turnovers.

Strong start by the Belt. We'll see what USA can do at home vs Tulane.
The schedule looking much more difficult than it did a couple of months ago.
2 weeks to fix things and get their heads on right. Gonna be a tougher season than originally thought due to schedule changes, lack of spring & summer practice time, and some teams being better than thought. We added tougher OOC games against UCA(replaced A&M) and Louisiana(replacing ODU), and may lose the Rice game that might be replaced with a road game at Marshall.
South Alabama leads Tulane 14-6 with 6 1/2 minutes until halftime.
USA now up 21-6 in the 3rd. Looking very sharp
(09-12-2020 08:44 PM)biglizard Wrote: [ -> ]USA now up 21-6 in the 3rd. Looking very sharp

Their Juco QB looks very good and their receivers catch the ball. I think Tulane was favored by 10.5. This is what playing above expectations looks like.
Ive been very impressed with USA. New stadium looks great as well.
Green Wave cut USA's lead to 24-19. South Al defense looking tired.

Wave take the lead 27-24, 3:18 left.

Wave comes back to win 27-24, spoils USA's stadium opening.
Biggest winner of the weekend (relative to expectations)...Louisiana
Biggest loser...UTEP
There were expectations for UTEP? Other than sucking swamp water?
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