Full Version: ***Game Thread*** UAB v Miami
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Get it done Blazers!
Pregame show is on the radio
They are discussing the game on the ACC network
Kickoff is almost here!
Let’s do this!
Would be nice to shut up the ACC network guys, thats for sure
We get the ball first after the touchback.
Great 1st play
And 2nd (never mind)
Dumb procedural penalty takes away a huge run :(
You can see how much penetration their d-ine gets. We are killing ourselves with penalties Just dumb ****.
Played good defense on ourselves that drive. Sigh.
I feared we wouldn’t reach the 50 by halftime.
Play calling seems so much better than last year
We can’t do this against good teams and win
Forced punt! Good job D!
First big play by UAB!
TD!!! Austin Watkins!
TD BLAZERS! Watkins!!

Way to go for the dagger Coach Vincent. Well done.
Crap. 4th and 1 and they break off a 66 yd TD
Sold out to stop them from getting a yard and once he got the yard there was no one left to stop him from getting 65 more. Speed kills.
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