Full Version: What’s up with BYB
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So much turmoil over there. A lot are angry about the BLM movement on campus. It’s really bad. The site seems to be very divided over what happened. A bit of a mess and it’s really unfortunate. We get together on these boards to discuss our passion for ECU and Pirate athletics among other things. When something like this happens, it’s sad to see. Hopefully things get better on there.
I totally avoid that board like the plague.
(09-10-2020 06:59 AM)GrayBeard Wrote: [ -> ]I totally avoid that board like the plague.

Haha.. I don’t blame you. I haven’t been going there as much because of the politics. It’s been getting out of control. I don’t think the board has but maybe one person to moderate it. So it tends to go off the deep end with some of the discussions. Constant tension.
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