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Everyone knows that COVID 19 kills people. We need no reminders of this in the threads on this board.

Conferences disagree as to the best approach and there are some valid arguments on both sides of the issue. Some players are probably safer playing football than if their University was shut down and they were back at home.

Yes it is going to be very difficult to protect players even with quarantine, bubbles, etc. so not playing is also a valid approach.

Liability is recognized all the way around.

There are 3 approaches to every crisis.

1. Some say face it head on and don't let it interfere with life. Meet it head on and outlast the crisis.

2. Some say lock down, take cover, and ride it out until the crisis passes.

Both of these have merit today and have always had merit. Clearly it is a personal choice.

3. Some use the crisis to advance an agenda alien to that of public safety.

But to the purposes of the College Sports and Realignment Forum let's keep the politics out, the doom and gloom out, and discuss the topics.

It's okay to acknowledge that this is also a political issue. But let's take the discussion of the politics to the Spin Room which is designed for that, or to PM if wanting to discuss issues with a particular poster.

People need a place to go to escape the news, escape the controversy, and escape the obvious reality. Let's discuss sports, realignment, hypotheticals about sports, or any other issue which serves as an intellectual distraction and enjoy this board as it is intended, an escape from work, the news of the day, or even a spouse on the rampage, although our time on this board may be the cause of said rampage.

Hopefully this will return to normal once a treatment is in place for this Virus. But for now let's reserve this board for it's stated purposes.

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