Full Version: Former MU Players and Staff
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Just wanted to let everone know that my web site listing Former Mashall University Players, Coaches and Administrators is still on line. If you havent been there for a while, please pay a visit and check it out. This is a hobby type of site and is not for profitt in any way. Also, I am on my own and have no connection with MU.

If you have any helpful information, please send it to me in an e-mail Thanks.


<a href='http://formermuplayers.4t.com/' target='_blank'>Former Mashall Players and Staff</a>
I'll be sure to visit. Thanks for the link and for posting!!
04-cheers Thanks for the bump. I try to keep the site current with frequent updates. People can see info today that they may not have seen the last time that they visited.

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