Full Version: Gosh Penn State sucks
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Tell me about it. Now they don't even have football.
Is it time for JoePa to go yet?
Penn State can't force him out. He has to leave on his own.
The PSU faithful are split between being loyal to JoePa and canning his ******.....the good times are over until he leaves, I'd be for canning him.

There's not any more magical seasons left in him, which is what he's waiting for before he leaves.
Toledo 24
Penn State 6

Penn State did pull in a top 15 recruiting class this year. They got a SUPERB QB in Morelli. I think that Penn State will rebound this year, and I am really rooting for them to do it.
Penn State does suck, but then again, so does Michigan and in my opinion, the three teams that best represent Big Ten football is Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State. Joe Paterno should be remembered as a legend, and he will, but I am hoping that Penn State has a great season this year, with the exception of one loss in Columbus. This way, Paterno could end his season with a great record and retire. I only hope he goes out in style. How ungrateful are Penn State fans anyway?
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