Full Version: changes coming in non-football sports
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I've seen several mentions to where CUSA is making changes to reduce travel and to help save expense for schools.

- Baseball is cutting CUSA weekend series from 30 games to 24 games. Those 2 weekends will now allow teams to schedule "more regional friendly" series.

- Mens basketball's CUSA tournament is going from 12 teams to 8 teams. Regular season CUSA games remains at 18 but no more pool play...teams play their "5 closest teams" home and away with the other 8 teams just playing once. Not sure which ones would be considered our 5 closest but LT is a given since they were our travel partner last year. Surely the other ones would be Rice/UNT along with UAB/MTSU. However, with UTEP/UTSA we may be considered their closest and end up with them instead of UAB/MTSU.

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