Full Version: Star Wars' Identity Crisis
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It's a long read, and it's worth every word, and it only gets better the further you get in.


It has gems like this:

Quote: Back in 1977, remotely detonating your enemies from thousands of miles away was a movie villain's game. In the 21st century, it's how Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama preferred to wage war.
Clone Wars/Dave Falloni is 1000x better at telling Star Wars stories than Kathleen Kennedy.
My two take away's From the The Rise Of Skywalker:

Zorii Bliss: That's how they win... by making you think you're alone.
(Gee? Who Does this?)

General Pryde: Where did they get all these fighter craft? They have no navy.

Admiral Griss: It's not a navy, sir. It's just... people.
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