Full Version: Magic number is four
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We are 12-2 in conference and have six games left.
Both Georgia schools are 9-5. The best one of them could finish is 15-5, but since they play each other, the other cannot do that. Which means that if we win four more games, the NIT automatic is ours.

Is my math correct?
Texas State and App State are tied for fourth. Both Ga schools have to travel to San Marcos.
Hopefully the coaches and players are keeping it one game at a time. We can't get too confident in this upcoming 3 game road trip against 3 teams that we only beat by a combined 10 points. I think a reasonable goal is to win 2/3 games this stretch on the road. If we win all 3, I'll be even more impressed by this team.
We have the tie-breaker against GaSou, so I am really not too concerned about them. We need to go to Atlanta with a 2 game lead- if we only have a one game lead, they will get first place with a win.
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