Full Version: ESPN+ Fail
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I cannot get the game on ESPN+. What is going on?
I also found out that KKPT changed their streaming link for the audio. I can at least listen to Ray.
What a mess.
Sorry you missed it. I’m going to check tomorrow and see if the replay is available on ESPN+. I was at the game and best atmosphere since Beard was here

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It sounded great on the radio internet feed. I also heard that we have been pronouncing Marquis' last name wrong. It is no-EL not "nowl"
I figured that ESPN blacked the game out locally. But Oklahoma City is far flung for a blackout....maybe technical difficulties? I paid $4.95 a month for ESPN+, so I hope I can at least watch a replay.
Met Markquis’s girlfriend, godfather, and father tonight
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I did notice before I went to the game yesterday that on the ESPN app it listed the game starting at 12:00 instead of 2:00 but I don't know if that played a part on why the game wound up not being shown. I was sure hoping to get to go back and re watch the game.
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