Full Version: Vaqueros @ Cougars
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Cougars come out flying for a 31-21 halftime lead. Incredible effort the last 2 halves - 2nd against NMSU, 1st against Rio Grande Valley.

Band is absolutely outstanding. Can listen to them all day. Completely transformed halftimes at Jones Convocation Center from piped-in hip-hop.
Just complete stupidity by the Cougars here. Jones lays on the floor after a tussle for the ball while the Vaqueros hit an open 3, then takes his jersey off and hands it to the official, gets T’ed up. Rio Grande Valley out in front.
RGV T’d up too, but Vaqueros hit both while Cougars miss both.
We were in trouble there. Basically won it off FTs, just like previous two games.
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