Full Version: Kent Golfers in the Pros - 2020 Edition
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Might as well start a new thread.

As we start 2020, Corey Conners and Mackenzie Hughes are on the PGA Tour, Taylor Pendrith will golf on the Korn Ferry Tour and Chase Johnson and Ian Holt don't have status on those tours and probably will play minitours or the LatinoAmerica Tour or Mackenzie Tour.

Conners just finished 19th on the Sentry Tournament of Champions. It is his fifth Top 25 finish for the season, which is an impressive start.
Corey Conners with a top 20 finish in the first full field event of 2020. Shot a very tough 66 today to move the board. Great opening two weeks.

Edit: CC will wind up in 12th place, one shot from a top 10 finish.
On the Korn Ferry Tour, Taylor Pendrith is taking a 2 stroke lead into weekend play. Pendrith has made 2 cuts in the 2 tournaments played so far, but has finished near the bottom of the pack. A hot early start is invaluable because it will keep Pendrith near the top of the priority list after the 8 tournament reshuffle.

And, on the PGA Tour, Conners goes into the weekend tied for 49th and Hughes missed the cut.
Pendrith had a mediocre weekend and finished tied for 24th. On the plus side, he's made decent coin over the first few tournaments and that should help him keep his status throughout the year.

Conners finished tied for 45th on the PGA Tour.
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