Full Version: former UT Rockets on 2019 AP NFL All Pro team
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Brett Kern 1st team
Diontae Johnson 2nd team

Only Alabama, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, LSU, Stanford and Iowa have more (6 others also have 2 including OSU), UT only non P5 college team with 2
wow - I don't follow the NFL much since there is no professional team up here in Detroit, so I'm caught by surprise with Johnson being named all-Pro

I watched part of a Steeler's game earlier in the year and from what I can remember, he caught a couple of passes for about 25-35 yards total. I did see some links to 2 TD passes he had, but thought he was playing sparingly. Congrats to him and hope he converts that to some more money quickly. I guess he was right in not taking my internet advice of saying he should stay another year like Taylor did to convert to a better draft position and develop a little more physically....

Kern - no surprise there. Seems like he's been in the NFL for about 25 years...

So Toledo has had at least 3 different All-Pro guys in the last 3 years including Hunt in his rookie year. Any others?
Stanford had two, with one guy. How crazy is that?

So glad for Johnson. Right guy for the right team perhaps but I think he had the potential with any NFL caliber QB. It was a matter of getting into the rotation.
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