Full Version: What's in a name?
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If any of you keep up with the ASUN on YouTube, you may know what I'm talking about.

The commissioner, not too long ago had a video and part of it was about the name of the conference.

He said basically, it's no longer the Atlantic Sun Conference, it's not the ASun, or A-Sun, but all caps ASUN. He asked that everyone just refer to it as the ASUN and not Atlantic Sun.

So the way I look at it is, it's not an acronym for the Atlantic Sun anymore. The name is just simply ASUN conference.

If the name was to change, and still keep an acronym, I would have probably preferred calling it the American Sun. But anyway, any thoughts?
I find it a bit strange. ASUN works great as a short for Atlantic Sun. "ASUN" in and of itself does not mean anything. American Sun does sound good as an alternative to Atlantic Sun.

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I am not familiar with the ASUN on Youtube. I guess it makes no sense to me to be the ASUN. What are we, a fiery ball of gas in the sky? Common sense says it’s a condensed form of Atlantic Sun, which is descriptive of our regional alignment. But I’m not gonna get all wrapped around the axlel over it. The name will always be Atlantic Sun Conference as far as I’m concerned. Sure, I’ll use the acronym ASUN if it makes someone feel better. I am glad we start off with an “A”. It puts us up toward the top in conference searches and we’re more likely to be seen.
Sounds like a solution in search of a problem. Our branding should be built on our accomplishments and making those the focus, not the name. Imagine if the Big 12 wanted to be called "Big" since there weren't 12 schools or if the Big East was called "BE" with membership in Nebraska.
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