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Does your school have a current rival?
Who would you want to develop rivalries with?


- None really

- Notre Dame
- Virginia
- Va. Tech
- Beach Chickens

Desired ASun
- Lipscomb
- Bellarmine
I think it depends on the sport.

JSU is our biggest rival.
Troy would be up there as well, but it's been so long since we have played each other in all sports. And they probably will never schedule us in football.

I would like to see UNA and Chattanooga develop into a good rivalry

As far as in conference

This year should really get heated up with Lipscomb, their coach knows us better than anyone else in D1. He used to be the coach of one of our D2 days biggest rivals (UAH).

KSU and UNA will develop nicely because of proximity and we play all sports together.

For some reason UNA and UNF got a little heated last year. Maybe we can keep it that way.

And individual sports can have rivals to themselves.
UNA and Liberty got very exciting in softball last year. I expect it again this year.

The longer the conference stays together, the better rivalries will develop.

Rivals: UCF
A-Sun: Jacksonville, UNF, FGCU
Desired Rivals: SoCon schools?

While the UCF-Stetson basketball series isn't happening yearly anymore (as a UCF fan, I'd like for it to be yearly in Deland), the schools still play annually or near annually in pretty much every other sport.

Stetson's realistic rivals are JU and to a lesser extent the big public schools, UNF & FGCU. I'm a Stetson fan from afar, so I can't completely speak to the intensity, but I don't think there's really that much to any of them. UCF is the one that Stetson fans always talk about -- typically in baseball, where Stetson is pretty competitive.

I'm sure Stetson wouldn't mind being in the SoCon with more similar institutions like Samford, Mercer, Wofford, and Furman, but realistically that isn't going to happen unless there's a big investment made into athletics (and that doesn't appear to be anywhere on the horizon).
This message board has been asleep for a long time.
(02-29-2020 09:50 AM)army56mike Wrote: [ -> ]This message board has been asleep for a long time.

I think it's the time of year...

Not to mention the shock and uncertainty of the ASun/UAC deal.

I'll try to be better at posting stuff. Just tons going on right now.
Somehow, in basketball, seems like UNA and NJIT have become somewhat of a rivalry... all games so far have been very exciting and close. Seems like there is a healthy competitive environment between the two. They both want to beat each other, but have great sportsmanship between them.

Not what I would expect between a school from Alabama and a school from New Jersey.
03-banghead 03-hissyfit 04-chairshot 03-hissyfit 03-banghead
FREAKIN’ other LU!!!!!!!!!!
(02-29-2020 04:00 PM)army56mike Wrote: [ -> ]03-banghead 03-hissyfit 04-chairshot 03-hissyfit 03-banghead
FREAKIN’ other LU!!!!!!!!!!

They hit 73.3% of their 3-point shots. Sometimes it just feels like they are using cheat codes in a video game.

(03-06-2020 09:42 AM)army56mike Wrote: [ -> ]

Real LU!

[Image: 800px-Liberty_Flames_logo.svg.png]
Back to the OT... Lipscomb's only true rival is Belmont. It also used to be Trevecca Nazarene here in Nashville when we were NAIA. Google Lipscomb's history in the NAIA sometime when you are bored. I think we still have the #1 and #2 scorers in college basketball history. Our transition to NCAA D1 is when we lost our legendary coach, Don Meyer, and had some growing pains with the men's bball program. If we had football, I think we would be secondary rivals for regional private schools like Samford and Mercer. If Liberty sticks around the ASUN for non-football sports, I can see us developing a pretty good rivalry, especially with our faith-based missions.

Also, it's a long shot, but we could look into FCS football in the future. They have built an incredibly nice complex for the high school (Lipscomb Academy), and Trent Dilfer is the coach at the moment. He is here primarily because his daughter is attending Lipscomb University, but if he loves it here and decides to stick around, I could see him transitioning into the position to get a program off the ground. A few million dollars into the high school stadium would get it adequately transitioned. We'll see.
Liberty Flames roasted themselves some Bison today!
(02-29-2020 12:15 PM)lion1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Not to mention the shock and uncertainty of the ASun/UAC deal.

Indeed. I'm still surprised by that.
What’yall think? Is Liberty and otherLU becoming a rivalry? I think so.04-cheers
(03-21-2020 09:31 AM)army56mike Wrote: [ -> ]What’yall think? Is Liberty and otherLU becoming a rivalry? I think so.04-cheers

I dont know, I really don't see that much of either fan base, it seems, Liberty thinks so.

I think Lipscomb and UNA will become rivals. Very easy drive for both fan bases, just 2 hrs from each other. But the difference in the schools may limit it from becoming a huge rivalry. Not to mention, as much of a "basketball" school UNA is, or may become, at heart, UNA is football centric, that makes basketball rivalries difficult to start, especially with a non football school.
(03-21-2020 09:31 AM)army56mike Wrote: [ -> ]What’yall think? Is Liberty and otherLU becoming a rivalry? I think so.04-cheers

Probably not, at least for me. Lipscomb already has Belmont as their top rival and we're not replacing them. We could be the top in conference rival but we don't have a long history with them or anyone else for that matter. It just takes time, and I don't personally have anyone particularly higher than anyone else. There's no one I would either like to continue playing annually if we or they left or want to lose every game if we or they left.
In Montevallo's limited time in the Peach Belt, our biggest rivals were Columbus State and Clayton State. The rest of them could care less about us, and it was vice versa for us as well. Our old conference and our current conference has our long time rivals West Alabama, UAH, and a new, but familiar rival in AUM. We play Columbus State and Clayton State OOC.
(03-21-2020 05:06 PM)GE and MTS Wrote: [ -> ]but we don't have a long history with them or anyone else for that matter.

True we don’t have a long history. But we’ve faced them in back to back exciting conference championships. Our regular season games have been hard fought as well. I think the seeds are sewn.
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