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Hi Everyone!

I’ve started game threads for the upcoming GCU games under the GCU forum. I’m no way am I trying to replace the great thread Pistol Pete makes each week for all of the games. Rather, this allows people who want to focus just on our matchups to comment without cluttering up or dominating the conference-wide board. It’s especially helpful for those of us not fortunate enough to attend the games at home who wish to comment throughout the game.

Obviously all are welcome to comment. It’s not meant to be exclusive to Lopes fans in any way. Just trying to help organize. We do this on the CUSA forum here on CSNBBS, and it’s proven helpful.

If this goes against this forum’s protocol or etiquette please let me know, as I’m not trying to step on toes.
Game threads in school-specific boards are fine. Just keep them off the mainboard.
GCU just lost to a DII school that just moved up from NAIA.
I'm currently watching Cal Baptist playing Jackson State. Rick Croy has assembled a pretty good team. I'm not trying to pile on with GCU's loss tonight. But I feel Majerle is not a great college coach. GCU has talent but they don't have the toughness I've see from programs like NMSU and currently CBU. I feel a team takes on the character/personality of its head coach. Majerle is simple more mentally tough as an NBA player than he has ever been as a college head coach.
Because it fits for GCU fans: Remember Remember the 5th of November!
(11-06-2019 12:20 AM)NeptunianEmp Wrote: [ -> ]Because it fits for GCU fans: Remember Remember the 5th of November!

Clever... but it hurts to laugh since we got punched in the mouth so hard last night... :drunk03-phew
All the preseason hype and sellout crowds once can't overcome Majerle and now Menzies are crappy coaches. I said it on Twitter, GCU will have a losing record starting WAC play and end up no higher than 3rd place.
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