Full Version: 2019-2020 Schedule Updates
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So for this group, which game OOC excites you the most and which one (excluding the non DI game) is your least favorite on the OOC slate and why?

For me:

Favorite: Rutgers. A road game against a top conference team is always great to see. We do not seem interested in many buy games, so getting higher level games is a challenge. This will be the game that shows us what we have

Could do without: Bryant. This is not lacrosse. This is a home game, which is nice, but there is nothing about Bryant basketball to be excited about as a Drexel fan.
Doesn't really matter who they play. This program just needs wins. I am excited to play Princeton due to my sibling rivalry.

I'm also looking forward to the Atlantic City games, though the opponents are underwhelming. I'm looking forward to a possible overnight family getaway and a chance to go to Atlantic City, which is a place I usually stay away from.
Some notable updates to the schedule...

The Rosemont game on Monday November 25th will have an 11:30 AM start time. My guess is that they'll making a school field trip day for the men's team this year. I guess this would be a great chance to get the seats filled for a meaningless DIII opponent. The women will also have a school day game on Tuesday Dec 17th vs. LaSalle.

There are two doubleheaders on the schedule, which I'm a big fan of. On Wednesday December 4th, Drexel women open up with Villanova at 5:00 followed by the Drexel/Princeton men's game. On Monday December 30th, Drexel women play Maine at 4:30 followed by Drexel Men vs. UNCW at 7.

Also, according to the schedule, the Niagara and Abeline Christian games are part of the "Garden State Showcase" along with the Rutgers road game. So it's very disappointing to there will be no return trip to Abeline, TX next season.

Drexel's (Men's) home date with Delaware has been moved up one day to Friday, Jan. 3. The Dragons and Blue Hens tip off at 7 p.m. at the Daskalakis Athletic Center.

Also Men's Feb. 22nd game moved to 2:00 pm form 4:00 pm against Northeastern.
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