Full Version: Lacrosse Championship
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As some of you likely knew we "hosted" the semi finals and finals over the holiday weekend. The lacrosse tournament is always a blast and is a fun sport to get behind. The games on Saturday were both exciting games with Virginia coming from way behind (5 goals back in the 4th quarter) to beat Duke and Yale defeating top seeded Penn State. Ultimately Virginia won yesterday in a decent game

During the broadcasts there were very little discussion about the sponsors or even mentions of Drexel, however, having our logo blown up and plastered on both ends of the field was quite nice to see. It was extremely noticeable during Virginia comeback Saturday as it was pretty well square on the screen during their attacks. I hope Drexel does more things like this to put our name out there. Lacrosse is another one of those sports that we had a big opportunity a handful of years ago to really take the next step and didn't. We are right between the 2 hot beds of lacrosse players (Baltimore and Long Island). Hopefully the visibility of our logo does something and gets more eyes looking at our program. Voelker has maintained a decent squad after Bates left for Princeton. There is no reason we can't be the top CAA team every year and making routine NCAA appearances. Our facilities are actually good at Vidas, we need to find a way to promote this sport more (like our basketball programs).
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