Full Version: ODU vs UAB
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(03-15-2019 02:10 PM)Prideofalion Wrote: [ -> ]Caver was more miserable than Stith. Y’all blame the coaches all u want. Senior star point guard can’t make a layup.

You know nothing.
(03-15-2019 02:13 PM)ODUBB35 Wrote: [ -> ]We sure could use a guy like Godwin in a game like this.

Easy to forget how crucial he was to our early success, but he is missed.
Not once have we played a 3-2zone. We are chasing them for the entire shot clock and fouling. Plus they are not big and it would help defend the 3. I just don't understand why JJ won't even just try it for a possession or 2. We are on the ropes and need stops.
Down 4. Need to get some stops.
way to hit your FTs, Dick Dujour!!!
and just like that... BJ has 10 points.

Game over.

We own them

down 2
Chance to tie the game !
Yessss X keep attacking the rim
Tie game another 2nd straight great comeback now finish this!!!!!!!!!
Tie Game. Clutch FTs from Dickens and Green!!
Ugh that hurts. D should not have the ball in his hands right now

Why did he throw that pass had ball down 2 and a chance to tie or win
POY just threw it away under 30. Wow.
They suck at FTs go to the rim and get a 2 or get a wide open 3 on a kick out
No timeout by jones. No play set up

Smh bj

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Gotta let Caver try. He did it yesterday
This announcer is high he said only 18% to hit a 3............................it's a hell of a lot more than that
Done..,...they will foul and put us on the line. JJ lost us a game because we didn't foul in this same situation.
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