Full Version: ODU vs UAB
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(03-15-2019 02:19 PM)Razor Ramon Monarch Wrote: [ -> ]No timeout by jones. No play set up


Hey man, we won.
You have 24 more hours until you can unload on the team.
Lmao I'll take it

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Like they say, I rather be lucky than good.
(03-15-2019 02:26 PM)ODUMONARCHZ1 Wrote: [ -> ]Idk.if it would be better to miss it? Ik that sounds dumb though

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You miss it because they would have no timeouts and clock starts at 94 feet away and they would be shooting a 3 anyway by making the FT they do what they just did and if he catches that pass it's OT.
Omg omg omg
OMG!!! We were not supposed to win either one of these games. This is amazing. Such poor play but such clutch play.
(03-15-2019 02:27 PM)smudge12 Wrote: [ -> ]This needs to stop. Not the winning, but the drama. Lol.

I'm telling you... if you listen to Dave and Ted. It's much easier on the heart.
X is a ******* God in the making

What a pass by Caver to him
That's four really terrible games in a row, but we're 2-2 with a 2 game win streak. Time we start playing Monarch basketball again!
Our team is cursed in a good way.

I say we do the same tomorrow and win this baby... we arent supposed to be alive right now.

might as well enjoy being here.
Holy hell.

I can’t take much more of this!

That was the most incredible 2 game stretch I’ve ever seen.

That's all.
Maybe BJ did make a deal with the devil, for the team.
BJ gets one more chance to show up and play like he is capable of.
My heart can't take this but I'll be watching tomorrow night. Goodness gracious great balls of fire!

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Wow .....FT lost us some games but FT just one this one ! Now I hope WKU and USM got to 5 OT's.
X A V I E R. G R E E N!

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ODU Basketball taking years off my life but its worth it. ONE MORE GAME!
(03-15-2019 02:16 PM)Petey Hodge Wrote: [ -> ]and just like that... BJ has 10 points.

Game over.

We own them

down 2

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