Full Version: Great new rivalry on the horizon in 05
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Herd Fans,

Just wanted to welcome your program to CUSA and to say that Marshall is going to be a tremendous additon to our conference. I'm a serious football fan and when expansion has been mentioned over the last 5 years or so, Marshall was always my first choise. I have watched your bowl games over the last 8 years and have always been impressed.
We love good competion at Southern Miss and I expect this new rivalry will blossom quickly; something ESPN will jump on from the start. I am really looking forward to traveling to Hunnington in the near future for some great CUSA action. Good Luck in 04! CUNCUSAN 05! EAGLES TO THE TOP! 04-cheers
Southern Miss is also the team that I have anticipated playing the most. I am anxious to have you guys in Huntington, and for myself to visit Hattiesburg. This is the beginning of something great!

Have to agree with huffnagel. Southern Miss has a great program and I look forward to our future battles!

Thanks, it will be fun in the years to come I must say. 04-cheers
I can't wait until they play in Conference USA. It will be more of a challange than the Mid American Conference (MAC).
I can't wait for the first trip to your place and for your first trip to Memphis. You will love this town. Memphis is a CUSA town that ranks only behind N.O. in the fun category. Just don't get any ideas about late December. We've been developing some plans of our own for that time slot. You can come along anyway. A ? - Does blount college (aka- ut knoxville) have the balzac to return a game to your place?
Yeah USM v. Marshall will be a great rivalry. To see who will get smacked by Houston in the championship game. 03-wink

Its about time if you ask me. We should have taken all your sports when we originally contacted you guys a few years back.
I have to say that I truly am disappointed that Toledo won't be playing Marshall much in the future. That game had grown into something great and because of it, when people think of the MAC, they think of two teams...Toledo and Marshall. It's not going to be the same without you guys. Good luck in CUSA.

As much as I dislike Toledo, have to say I will miss the battles. Even if we would happen to schedule a series in the future...it just won't be the same as fighting for theMACC.
As much as I also dislike Toledo, that is one team that I wouldn't mind playing every year! Good team, with a real good future!
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