Full Version: C-USA Basketball Tournament
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None of the teams on our side of the bracket scare me, I think we can beat all of them at any given day

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Bring on LA Tech!
Read that bracket wrong, we get the Blazers. Agree, with Marine this does look good for us.
We play UAB and its going to be on Facebook, which you dont need a facebook account to actually watch it on there. Lets hope that they dont have any outages like they did yesterday.
Well that was a tough loss. That sinking feeling kicked in during the last 6 minutes of the game. Still, it was a solid season for the Roadrunners.
That was a tough way to go out, but I fully expect this team to either win the conference next year, or the conference championship. The pieces are there. I really liked what I saw from Hernandez last night, he was scrappy and thats something that you love to see from a red shirt freshman.
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