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Final Standings:
1. Hofstra
2. Northeastern
3. Charleston
4. William & Mary
5. Delaware
6. Drexel
7. Elon
8. James Madison
9. Towson
10. North Carolina Wilmington


Saturday 3/9:
G1 4:00 pm- #9 Towson vs. #8 JMU
G2 6:30 pm- #10 UNCW vs. #7 Elon

Sunday 3/10:
G3 12:00 pm- G1 winner vs. #1 Hofstra
G4 2:30 pm- #5 Delaware vs. #4 W&M
G5 6:00 pm- G2 winner vs. #2 Northeastern
G6 8:30 pm- #6 Drexel vs. #3 CofC

Monday 3/11:
G7 6:00 pm G4 winner vs. G3 winner
G8 8:30 pm G6 winner vs. G5 winner

Tuesday 3/12:
G9 7:00 pm G8 winner vs. G7 winner
The 7/10 and 8/9 game could go either way. But after that, I don't see any upsets. I see all of the higher seeds winning and Hofstra beating Northeastern by 7 points in front of 1,492 spectators in the championship game. I don't even think that any of the quarterfinal or semi-final games will be close.
While I agree mostly, I think NU cuts the nets down over HU. The top 3 are going to walk into the semis, I dont see Delaware beating W&M who is playing well right now. Funny how with all of this balance it probably wont be too terribly exciting for upsets. The chances for upsets got bracketed away from each other.

UNCW or Elon could certainly get hot form 3 against Hofstra but wont get that chance. W&M could probably give CofC fits. Heck a hot shooting UNCW or Elon could definitely beat CofC too. But to me it does look like it will mostly be chalk. Saturday games should be exciting despite those being play in games. I could see us giving CofC a run for awhile, just not sure this new squad will be able to finish. CofC is still a better team than we are. They have blown us out both games and we made furious comebacks. Without Harp those comebacks wont happen, but I also dont think we fall so far behind either. Our guards are going to have to really do work to slow Riller down if we want a puncher's chance.
Also of note: The winner of Towson and JMU really hit it badly this year. That game will end ~6pm Saturday night. They turn around for a noon tip against Hofstra. What makes that worse is DST hits Sunday morning so they lose an hour of sleep. So you are talking about ending a game and in 15 hours playing again (not including warm ups). That's rough.
Interesting that JB, thinks that all of the games will be blowouts.

I also think history says it will be Hofstra v. either Northeastern or Charleston in the final. But, I would be shocked if there are any blowouts. Hofstra beat the Tribe in triple OT in the first game this year. In the second, the Tribe led by double digits in the 2nd half. The Tribe played Hofstra into the final minute in both their prior tourney games in 2015 and 2016 and nearly every game between the two comes down to the wire. I would favor Hofstra in that game, but if the Tribe gets there, it almost certainly will be a one or two possession game at the end. Based on that history, I give the Tribe a 30% chance to beat Hofstra if they get there. Most certainly, a Northeastern/Charleston semi would be close.

Northeastern looks like the most complete team. They are motivated with a lot of seniors and should have won the championship last year. In their 2 meetings with the Pride, they won one easily and should have won the other. They had the last shot in a tie game and Pusica shot the ball too early giving JWF just enough time to get the rebound and sink a running 35 footer to win it. Hofstra is a great team primarily because of JWF. It would not be a surprise if they break through based on him alone. Same for Riller and a repeat for Charleston. But, Northeastern has no weaknesses. Charleston fails to score enough at times and Hofstra fails to defend.

I can see you guys possibly winning Sunday. I just can't see anyone beating all 3 of Charleston, Hofstra and Northeastern.
Agreed if we win Sunday, NU will be waiting for us to teach us a lesson. NU is the one team I do not think we can beat in the condition our team is in.

And he said higher seeds winning, I do not think I saw anywhere he said blowouts. This league is too balanced and jumbled for a bunch of blowouts.
Not a game in this tourney I would bet on. If UNCW and Towson win Sat the top 4 seeds will all be playing a team that beat them this year on Sun. Hofstra lost to 2 of the play in teams.
(03-04-2019 03:59 PM)swampcougar1 Wrote: [ -> ]Not a game in this tourney I would bet on. If UNCW and Towson win Sat the top 4 seeds will all be playing a team that beat them this year on Sun. Hofstra lost to 2 of the play in teams.

True, but it's a lot more common for a stronger team to decide not to show up one day during the regular season than it is for those teams to not show up with everything on the line. I know it happens, but I can't really remember when a really strong team lost to a much weaker team in the quarterfinals. Even the Bruiser Flint teams that used to choke in Richmond were usually no better than a 4 seed in their disaster performances.

And you know all well that the Drexel game in Charleston was a fluke. And the guy who lead the miraculous comeback isn't even playing on Sunday. Drexel will play tough but I'd be totally shocked if The College doesn't win by double digits in their home city. The CAA refs won't give Drexel any edge.
I agree with that, JB. Drexel will have to be about 10 points better than Charleston to win that game by 1. But, I thought the Dragons played well against both Hofstra and Delaware. If you guys can start fast, the pressure will really shift on the Cougars. But, no doubt it will be a tall order. Right now, I just think Northeastern will be very motivated to beat the Cougars if they get that far. I also think Northeastern is the most complete team this year. I would have Charleston 2nd because of Riller, Brantley and the home refs. Hofstra, despite being really, really good, would be 3rd. If they win, it will be totally because of JWF. He is good enough to possibly just will them to a title. But, I thought Northeastern really handled them well the last time. Plus, it is a ton of pressure and energy on him every game for them and you just wonder if he will wear out at some point over the 3 days.

As much as I love Nathan Knight as a player and a W&M student, I think JWF is a lock for the POY. Knight would be the 2nd choice though. I am sure either player would trade the POY for a tournament title. As good as Hofstra has been, they, like the Tribe, have never won the CAA tournament.
While it is a nice narrative, I think you guys are overplaying the advantage CofC has in north charleston. CAA refs suck period, they are not going to have some massive advantage. This is not like Richmond where it was a block from their campus in an arena with 3-4 times the capacity for a program who was selling out as it was. CofC has one of the largest fan bases that show up, and naturally they will in N. Charleston too, but their fan base is not some crazy big following that will make it some unbearable advantage. I know most of our views are blocked from the VCU years in Richmond, but since VCU left, no team has truly had some decided advantage at the CAAT.

Sunday 3/10:
G3 12:00 pm- #8 JMU. #1 Hofstra
G4 2:30 pm- #5 Delaware vs. #4 W&M
G5 6:00 pm- #10 UNCW vs. #2 Northeastern
G6 8:30 pm- #6 Drexel vs. #3 CofC

Here is today's lineup after JMU won nearly with a buzzer beating 3 and UNCW played one of their best games of the year to defeat Elon.

CofC- 9 point favorite for our game.

With how both games went earlier, I really do not have a good feeling on this game. We are not the better team. I really feel like CofC will cover that spread easily. Our ball movement has been much improved and we are a better team, but I am not convinced we can slow Riller or Brantley down and if they start to get any momentum, from turnovers or scoring runs, I am not sure how our team will respond on the road.

DU- 67
CofC- 85
dan10, you're prediction seems about right. I'm not expecting much out of tonight's game. It wouldn't shock me if Drexel falls down by as much as 25-30 points, but then works their way back to a final score in the teens.
Hofstra played a solid game to get the win in the first one today. JMU played well themselves and stayed close but couldnt ever really punish Hofstra and JWF for having an off game. Taylor was a monster for them down low. Ended up with 5 blocks. Hofstra winning with relative ease despite JWF having a down game, is scary for the league with how good Hofstra can be.

2nd game kicks off shortly. W&M is a 5 point favorite and I expect it to stay close throughout, though W&M is definitely playing better heading into this one. I expect to see some damn good ball movement between both teams. Knight vs Carter should be fun to watch.
Damn... I was wrong.. The Blue Chickens stormed back
Yeah for a stretch in their comeback they were absolutely unreal and everything they through up went in. When a team gets that hot its hard to stop them. Fortunately for Delaware it happened relatively late in the game. Been a good tournament so far.
There's only one thing that I'll miss about having the CAA Tournament in North Charleston is watching the Palmetto Exterminators commercials.
Terrible first half. Good second half. Every time we started to get close and look like a run was going to happen CofC would hit a big 3. congrats to them for sure. We look deep for next year. Won't miss having to go against JWF, Cacok, Brantley, Pusica
Here is tonight's schedule:

Monday 3/11:
G7 6:00 pm #5 Delaware vs. #1 Hofstra
G8 8:30 pm #3 Charleston vs. #2 Northeastern
John didn't shoot well, and finished with 103 threes, which is tied for fourth most in CAA history with JWF and Tanner Samson. John will finished tied for fifth as long as JWF makes at least 1 more. You weren't going to win with Wynter, Demir, and John combining to shoot 10-for-36 including 2-for-12 threes. Butler and Juric shot well.

You have two players in the CAA's Top 10 in career threes, Phil Goss and Chris Fouch. Fouch is tenth, and could fall out of the Top 10 with JWF 5 behind.
(03-11-2019 08:03 AM)EvanJ Wrote: [ -> ]You weren't going to win
You could have summarized it thus. 03-wink
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