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I want to take this time to thank our outgoing seniors Troy Harper, Trevor John, and Kevin Doi. With any group of players there are positives and negatives, but we are going to focus on the positives here. Their contributions to the program have been felt and it is greatly appreciated as Spiker and his team continue to take steps forward with the ultimate goal of reaching the NCAA's.

Troy Harper:
For the past 2 years he has been a ball of energy and a spark for our team. He has always given it his all while on the court and motivates the players. It always seemed like the team responded well to him. He has scored a lot of points for us, even when scoring was a struggle. He is one of the best in the country at drawing contact and making teams pay for the contact. We won't forget all of the comebacks that likely would not have happened with Troy's efforts and energy.

Trevor John:
What more could you possibly have asked for from a graduate transfer in 1 year with the program? He came in and was a veteran leader out of the gate. This was very important for such a young squad. They needed that leadership and he has provided it. We have had a lot of transfers into Drexel over the years. He is at the top of the list. The graduate transfer rule has hurt smaller programs as they build up good players and they leave for greener pastures, this is a case where we were able to end up on the good end of this rule. Hopefully his success and the teams progression can lead to us landing more quality graduate transfers when needed. Trevor will leave our program as the single season record holder for 3 pointers made. Wow.

Kevin Doi:
Kevin filled a need on our roster when we needed bodies. He may not play many minutes but when he does get his chance he has shown his abilities. He is always positive on the bench and appears to work hard and understand his role. We won't forget his game against Towson, when everything else went so poorly, he was our lone bright spot.

Best of luck to all of these guys in their future endeavors, whether that includes basketball overseas, getting into coaching, or going into the workforce as a normal citizen. I wish all of the guys the best of luck and appreciate everything they have done in their times as a Dragon. Hopefully everyone comes out Saturday to recognize and support these guys. Once a Dragon, Always a Dragon.
There is also a game that will happen and it has importance to Drexel. With our loss last night, NU is now locked in as the 2 seed. They will not have a lot of motivation for this one. Drexel, on the other hand, is in the 6th and final place that would earn them a bye. However there are still teams ready to pounce. A loss here can put us in ties where we fall to the play in round. Elon is still our friend here. An Elon victory will guarantee us a bye. A win here coupled with a Delaware loss can still net us in the 4/5 game. A lot of seeding to be determined Saturday across the Colonial.

This will be a difficult game to predict. If we come out strong and get a lead early we should be able to win, as I cannot see NU putting a lot of effort into coming back in a meaningless game. If we start of struggling or even, it will be a hard fought game to the end. NU looks like one of the 2 best teams in the conference right now, if not the best, and is not a good match up for Drexel. On this day though, there is a good opportunity to pull out a win. Our offense has looked sharp the last 2 games, I think we start strong and finish this one to earn a bye.

NU- 74
DU- 78
Northeastern is a 5.5 point favorite
The visitors won by about the same score. You lost 90-66, and Hofstra won 92-70. Wynter was your star with 19 points, 8 assists, and no turnovers. Demir had 14 points and 9 rebounds, but shot field goals 4-for-14 and fouled out. John scored 11 and Washington scored 9. Then you had two guys with 4, two guys with 2, one with 1, and three who didn't attempt a shot. You used 12 of your 16 players who have played this season. I knew Harper, Lee, and Walton wouldn't play. Why didn't Doles play? You shot threes well, but shot twos poorly. Northeastern had 7 more rebounds and 4 fewer turnovers. Jordan Roland scored 26. Vasa Pusica had 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. He, Demir, Bolden Brace, and Anthony Green tied for the most rebounds. Green made 7 of 9 field goals and scored 14. Both teams had three players score double-digits. Northeastern had only 36.7 percent of their field goal attempts be three, when their season average was a very high 46.4 percent.

Hofstra used all 12 players, but one played 1:14 and three played only the last 20 seconds.
You got the 6 seed to avoid the First Round, and you and Charleston will be the last teams to play their first CAA Tournament game on Sunday at 8:30 P.M. It was great for you that Elon beat Towson before you played because Elon is the only team you swept. You had the tiebreaker over them at 7-11, and Elon will play UNCW in a game that could have Elon break the CAA record for threes in a season and/or Kai Toews break the CAA record for assists in a season. The Elon-UNCW winner plays Northeastern, and if you upset Charleston you play the winner of the Quarterfinal with Northeastern.
Not a good game by any stretch. NU is damn good.
(03-02-2019 06:08 PM)EvanJ Wrote: [ -> ]I knew Harper, Lee, and Walton wouldn't play. Why didn't Doles play?

Postgame it was mentioned that Doles would "be seeing a doctor."
Thank you.
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