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Do you all like funny videos to laugh at? I seen a lot on Youtube from the Scary Snowman, to cats, to Bushman videos. A lot of laughter.

Here is one funny video of a Bushman scare prank..

There are more as Ryan Lewis, FredSpecialTelevision and Creepy Bushman teamed up last month in Florida for the Camping World Bowl. They pranked Syracuse and West Virginia fans. Enjoy since we all need some laughter.

Bushman Prank at Camping World Bowl.

Fred usually prank the Gators and Noles fans.

This is a combined of all the videos at the Bowl game as above.
This is one I've seen before that was pretty creative indeed....

I like the fake animal pranks the most...

Darn. Is there a way to post a video from Twitter?

The Bushman caught a famous celebrity of UFC and WWE in Atlanta doing their best.

Somebody pointed out that the guy in the black jacket @4:15 minute mark is somebody famous. Could anybody figure it out? Could be a football player.
We may have figured out who that guy is in at the 4:15 mark in the video. We believe the guy is Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight.
[Image: tagreuters.com2019binary_MTZXEF23DAO2SG-....jpg?ssl=1]

[Image: tagreuters.com2019binary_MTZXEF23DAO2SG-...;amp;ssl=1]

Bushman is alive

They made it in local papers and reached finally on Rueters and Getty's images.
Ken Shamrock Got Pranked

Facebook video is not one of the drop down list to linked videos.

(04-22-2019 03:24 PM)StillJonesing Wrote: [ -> ]

The look on the dude's face and then the head first catapult...
[Warning: It's a good idea not to put a sparks shower candle in your shorts.]

[Image: giphy.gif]

(04-23-2019 08:42 PM)UCGrad1992 Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-22-2019 03:24 PM)StillJonesing Wrote: [ -> ]

The look on the dude's face and then the head first catapult...

he's got the "this was a bad idea" look of regret after his balls got annihilated.

This is my second fav escalator surfing video.

"That's a bad idea, that's a very bad idea"

also the noise he makes at 13 seconds and the child he freaks out at the very end.

You get these 2, but we get an extra 3 comedians joining in on the act.
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