Full Version: RIP Jack Moss
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Longtime Kalamazoo Gazette sports editor Jack Moss dies at age 91

RIP Jack.

That aside, I always felt he was far more interested in what was happening in Notre Dame Stadium and Spartan Stadium than half a mile down the street at Waldo Stadium. For many decades Western received pretty poor coverage by the Gazette.
I was close to Jack because he hired me as a "stringer"-part-time writer when I was in HS and later I coached one of his sons in football at K-Central.

He was a great guy and did a lot for the Kalamazoo community.

He gets a bad rap I guess because he started covering U-M football in person in early '70s instead of WMU - but he was on AP Top Ten voting board at that time after having been president of MAC News Media Association.

Still he was a fixture in Press Box at home Bronco basketball games.

And he wrote about WMU sports, HS sports, the community etc. in his column even after he retired as sports editor.

Besides when I played at WMU and he was in Ann Arbor, he had Bob Wagner - who was a great writer - cover our games. And there were always Pre-Game stories the week of the game, game recap, and a sidebar (locker room quotes etc.)

He was also very close to Doo. In fact when Doo decided to resign he went over to Moss' house to tell him in person and the two of them shed some tears together.
RIP guy. 91 is a nice run.
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