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After a win against Towson we finish the weekend series against JMU. JMU is the epitome of inconsistency. They have beaten good teams and lost to bad ones. If we desire to be in the top 6 this game reign important. Let me rephrase that, this must be a win if we want to finish in the top 6 and avoid the play in round. This is a winnable game, but we cannot let them get a big lead. They can score in bunches so we need to limit big runs that we have been susceptible to.

Vegas has us as 3.5 point favorites. That seems right.

JMU- 75
DU- 79
Since attendance has been a hot topic of conversation, as of this moment, there are just 244 regular priced chairbacks and 20 VIP seats left for today's game. Based on what a typical walkup crowd might bring for Saturday afternoon homecoming, I would expect today's game to be very close to a sellout.
Behind the basket looks good, by the media tables look good. The main section behind the scorers table is relatively empty.
Demir missed a couple early open 3's. If they arent falling for him he needs to focus on using his size. Definitely not a good start to this one.
Ugh. Nice pass by Harper and Butler misses a bunny when he decided to lay it in instead of dunking. Very sloppy and a bunch of cheap fouls on JMU.

9-2 JMU U16 timeout. Still no made fg's
14-4 14:31 left. timeout Spiker. Poor passing. Poor shooting. Very sloppy.
6 fouls already on JMU to our 1. Down 13
Mosley is hot hot hot for JMU. Doles fouled shooting a 3. 13 minutes left we are in the bonus the rest of the way. down 20-7 after Doles knocks all 3 down.
24-9 U12 timeout JMU leads. 60% shooting for JMU to our blistering 11%
Thats the story here. go to zone and JMU go scoreless for 4 straight. we only got 1 basket including getting a dunk blocked.
26-14 JMU U8 timeout
Butler is having a really rough game on offense.
Harper trying to do everything for us. Thankfully his shots are starting to fall. His free throws are not falling though. Got it down to 9
Nothing pretty for us but we have cut into their lead significantly. Energy is showing. We are starting to follow up misses. Wynter with a really nice move to the basket.

U4 timeout JMU leads 31-28
Demir exits after a hard fall holding his lower back. Dragons take the lead!
Crowd does look strong. We need to find a way to keep bringing them back other than homecoming. Behind the JMU bench and behind the non-student section basket appear to be the areas that have a bunch of open seats. The rest look pretty well filled (>80% filled).
JMU 0-5 from the FT line
Doles with a silly foul on a rebound that we already lost. It is his 3rd. JMU has foul issues too. JMU now 0-6 for the half from the line
Drexel leads 33-31 at half. Rowe came running out on the court after the buzzer went off, officials decide not to give him a technical. He is fired up. Not sure what about unless it was the non call right at the end that could have been a foul before buzzer.

Our zone has done a lot of damage throwing JMU off of their game that allowed our run. We need to keep it up. Our energy and decisions in the early going were awful at best. Glad we came back together as the half went on. Hopefully Demir is good to go in the 2nd half.
4 assists, 7 turnovers. But we do lead the rebounding margin by 3. For as bad as it was, it is a good spot to be in the lead instead of buried. We also went 1-8 from 3 and Harper was 2-5 from the FT line. And despite that, we lead and JMU is in foul trouble. Keep driving on them and we should be able to control the second half. Mosley for JMU was their only bright spot, we do need to get out on him on the perimeter.
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